M'sian man cries when pet cat dies, recites prayer before burying it near his house


Syahindah Ishak | November 16, 2020, 10:36 PM

In a viral Twitter video posted on Nov. 14, a man in Malaysia can be seen sobbing uncontrollably as he held his pet cat's carcass.

In the video, the man cries as he picks up his cat's body and carries it out of the house.

He stops at a grassy area within the house's compound, recites a prayer and proceeds to bury the cat.

Cat and man were inseparable

The video was posted by the man's daughter who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia according to her Twitter bio.

She explained that the cat, named Milo, had been with the family for six years.

Her father and Milo were "inseparable".

She said in her tweet:

"Those who have a pet cat would understand. He took care of him for six years. They would sleep by each other's side every day. Today, he left our family forever. My mum recorded this video, she also failed to hold back her tears. This is so painful, oh God."

The cause of Milo's death is unclear.

In a subsequent tweet, the woman uploaded an old video of Milo sleeping peacefully, accompanied by the caption: "He (Milo) wouldn't cause any trouble. He would stay at home with my dad all the time."

The woman also posted a screenshot of a conversation she had with her mother after Milo's death.

Her mother stated: "Your father won't stop crying... I'm worried about him. He was crying in the bathroom too."

Was particularly fond of Milo

Two days later, the woman posted more pictures of Milo with her father.

She revealed that Milo was not the only pet cat in the family.

Her father would have breakfast with all of the cats, but he was particularly fond of Milo.

"If Milo ever caused any trouble, he would defend him by saying, "This is my child.""

Her father later texted her on Nov. 16, saying that a white cat had appeared in his house and became attached to him.

He said that he will take care of this new cat, allowing it to take Milo's place.

At 7:52am on Nov. 16, the woman posted another video of her father who appeared to still be mourning Milo's death.

In the tweet's caption, she wrote:

"Dad is still grieving. My dad isn't the type of man who can cry easily. When I got married, he didn't cry, but he won't stop crying since Milo's death. This is the latest video of my dad. He really can't live without cats. I don't mind he adopted another one. (sic) As long as he is happy."

Top images from @CikChaaChaa/Twitter.

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