Largest heroin haul in 19 years: CNB seizes over 14kg of heroin in S$2 million drug bust

That amount of heroin can feed 6,740 heroin abusers for a week.

Joshua Lee | November 13, 2020, 02:12 PM

Five drug offenders comprising three men and two women aged between 29 and 55 were arrested by CNB officers during a raid on November 11.

The Bureau seized a total of about:

  • 14,151g of heroin
  • 2,853g of ‘Ice’
  • 7,553g of cannabis
  • 323g of ‘Ecstasy’ fragments
  • 28 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets
  • 1,008 Erimin-5 tablets
  • Cash amounting to $12,629

CNB estimates that the drugs are worth close to S$2 million. According to CNA, this is the largest haul of heroin in 19 years.

Here's the sequence of events that occurred during the November 11 raid that took place in multiple locations.

Operation at Siglap Road

In the afternoon, CNB officers intercepted a vehicle in the vicinity of Siglap Road.

CNB did not provide a reason for intercepting said vehicle, but three bundles were recovered. They contained 1,453g of heroin.

The three bundles of heroin that was intercepted from the car. Via CNB.

Three Singaporeans were arrested — the 55-year-old male driver (A), a 50-year-old male (B) and a 52-year-old female passenger (C).

About 3g of heroin and 2g of ‘Ice’ were seized from B, and about 7g of ‘Ice’ and 20 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets were also seized from C.

Officers then brought C to her "hideout" unit in the vicinity of Siglap Road where they recovered about 11g of heroin, 2g of ‘Ice’, one ‘Ecstasy’ tablet, and one Erimin-5 tablet.

It's a lot of information to digest, so here's a handy table provided by CNB:

Operation at Bedok Reservoir Road

A separate party of CNB officers were observing a residential block in the vicinity of Bedok Reservoir Road on the same day.

They arrested a 35-year-old Singaporean male (D) and recovered six bundles were recovered from him. They contained:

  • 2,782g of heroin
  • 127g of ‘Ice’
  • 323g of Ecstasy fragments
  • Cash amounting to $629

Officers then raided D's hideout in that residential block where they arrested a 29-year-old female Singaporean PR (E). From the unit, the officers recovered:

  • 8,958g of heroin
  • 1,952g of ‘Ice’
  • 2,499g of cannabis
  • 1,007 Erimin-5 tablets
  • Seven ‘Ecstasy’ tablets
  • Cash amounting to $12,000

Heroin and "Ice" seized from the unit along Bedok Reservoir Road. Via CNB.

CNB officers also recovered the following amount of drugs from D's car:

  • 944g of heroin
  • 763g of ‘Ice’
  • 5,054g of cannabis

Here's another table for the drugs recovered from Bedok Reservoir Road:

Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are ongoing. CNB said that the total amount of drugs seized in the operation was sufficient to feed – 6,740 heroin abusers for a week, 1,630 ‘Ice’ abusers for a week and 1,080 cannabis abusers for a week.

Top images via CNB

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