S$2.62 million Toto top prize on Nov. 2 has 1 winning ticket but split 28 ways

Not so straightforward.

Zhangxin Zheng | November 06, 2020, 05:53 PM

The first prize of the Toto lottery draw on Nov. 2, 2020 was a whopping S$2,621,371.

And there was only one winning ticket.

But it wasn't just one lucky punter who won the whole pot.

The winning ticket was sold in batches via the iToto system 12, which was bought via the Singapore Pools website and at various betting outlets.


What does iToto system 12 mean?

An iToto bet divides a Quick Pick System 12 entry into 28 units.

The cost of a System 12 entry is S$924.

It is the most expensive single bet for the Toto lottery.

A typical S$1 bet allows the punter to pick six numbers out of 49.

By picking 12 numbers at a time, the odds of winning are higher, but the cost of betting is also increased.

Therefore, a iToto System 12 entry at S$924 is split fairly in 28 portions, with each unit costing S$33 -- to add some variation to the type of bets punters can make and to make a System 12 bet more affordable for purchase by a group of people.

However, in the event where any iToto System 12 entry wins the prize, the prize amount will also be divided 28 ways.

In this case, each winning unit got about S$93,620.

The total amount won depends on how many units a person buys.

As the winning tickets were sold at only 20 different locations, it could mean one punter or some of them might have bought more than one unit of the iToto System 12 from one location.

Or it could also mean there were 20 out of 28 units of the iToto System 12 sold.

Regardless, the winning ticket for the S$320,890 second prize on Nov. 2 was an ordinary entry.

Whoever that was, it's likely that the second prize winner received the most winnings for this draw.

Top image by Steve Teo/Google Maps.