Get handmade long fries at Chomp Chomp Food Centre from S$5.90


Joshua Lee | Nyi Nyi Thet | November 29, 2020, 07:54 PM

If you like fries, but have always wished they were longer, here's an eatery for you.

Big Big Fries have been around for a while, their calling card being their big, big fries.

Here they are:

Image by Joshua Lee

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They moved to Chomp Chomp Food Centre at Serangoon Gardens a few months ago.

Image from Joshua Lee

Here's their menu.

Image by Joshua Lee

"How long is yours?" reads the caption at the bottom of the signboard. Image by Joshua Lee

Long fries.

Image by Joshua Lee

Here's how the fries are made.

They have S$12 Mentaiko bottles for pre-order as well.

Image from Joshua Lee

Address and opening hours

Big Big Fries is located at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, #01-30.

Here are their opening hours:

  • 4pm till 11pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 4pm till 12am from Friday to Sunday
  • Closed on Tuesday except public holidays


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Images by Joshua Lee