5m-long alien-looking fish emerges from deep sea near Taiwan coast after 2 earthquakes strike area

The 45kg behemoth was sold to a seafood restaurant for S$753.

Andrew Koay | November 09, 2020, 01:55 PM

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A couple of fishermen in Taiwan caught something on Friday (Nov. 6) that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

They hauled in a massive 4.9m long oarfish that weighed about 45kg. It was caught off the coast of Dong'ao in Yilan County according to Taiwan News.

Colloquially known as the "earthquake fish" as it is said to surface from deep waters just before a massive earthquake, this oarfish lived up to its billing; two quakes struck the area the same day it was caught.

Image from TTV News

Image from 三立LIVE新聞 YouTube Channel

Image from 三立LIVE新聞 YouTube Channel

The fish was purchased by Chen Kuo-pin, the owner of Fumei Huo Seafood Restaurant, for NT$16,000 (S$753).

Taiwan News quoted Chen as saying that one kilogram of the oarfish's meat could be sold for between NT$300 to NT$400 (S$14 - S$18.80).

The creature's flesh is known for its tenderness — said to be more tender than tofu — and its suitability for steaming.

Despite the fact that the fish is the longest Chen and many local fishermen had ever seen, oarfishes are known to come in large sizes.

According to BBC, they can grow up to 17m in length.

U.S. Navy personnel in 1996 with a seven-metre long oarfish. Image from the U.S. Navy

However, oarfish are rarely seen in their natural habitat because they live in deep waters.

The serpent-like fish is mostly seen dying at the sea surface or washed ashore already dead.

Top image from 中華電視公司 and TTV News YouTube channels

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