Paper bag bursts & food falls to ground but customer still tips food deliveryman S$5

Good customers around.

Belmont Lay | November 11, 2020, 10:14 PM

A food deliveryman in Singapore has taken to Facebook to thank a kind and understanding customer he encountered after he failed to get the entire meal delivered to her.

The paper bag that contained the food burst when he arrived at his destination and the contents of the bag fell to the ground.

Instead of blaming him, the customer who had been waiting for the food for 45 minutes, told the food deliveryman not to worry about it.

The customer subsequently even surprised the deliveryman with a S$5 tip.

The encounter was recounted by the food deliveryman in a Facebook group for delivery personnel to share about his positive encounter.

He wrote:

I've always been very careful when delivering food, so I never thought I would have such a day. I deliver food by bicycle. The soup might have flowed out a bit and the bottom of the paper bag was a little wet during the trip, and the order quite heavy as well.

So that paper bag could not bear the weight, when I took the bag out, the food just fell directly to the ground. OMG!!!

I immediately apologised to the customer, and asked: "Can I go back to the stall and get a new one for you?"

I originally thought the customer would be angry, because she had waited for the food for about 45 minutes, and then I showed her the food like this...

Customer replied me as per below, I really didn't expect it!

Customer: It's okay, I know you guys very tough in doing this job.

Me: I'm really sorry, can I pay back in cash?

Customer: It really doesn't matter, and you don't need to feel guilty or blame yourself. (Not only she wasn't angry, yet she still consoled me.)

Me: I'm so sorry, thank you (Left with guilty mood)

What made me feel even more unexpected was that after I finished the next order, I realised that she still gave me a tip of S$5 in the app.

She is really nice, kind and considerate.

I am also very lucky to meet such customer. Thank you and truly appreciate it. Be nice everyone. Feel & care for others.

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