Celebrity hairstylist David Gan takes apparent jibe at Mediacorp for poor talent management

Bridges: burned.

Mandy How | November 11, 2020, 04:28 PM

David Gan is known for several things, among them cryptic Instagram captions throwing shade at random nemeses a regular person couldn't hope to decode.

On Nov. 5, Gan wrote a lengthy post about Fann Wong having to turn down an overseas opportunity, and took the chance to seemingly criticise Mediacorp in the same breath, without explicitly mentioning the company.

For context, the hairstylist is pally with the likes of Fann, Zoe Tay, Joanne Peh, and Jeanette Aw.

A number of his celebrity friends from the original batch of artistes are no longer with Mediacorp.

Photo via David Gan's Instagram page

Photo via David Gan's Instagram page

Turned down invite from Zhang Ziyi

According to Gan, Fann recently had to decline an invite from Zhang Ziyi’s manager to appear on popular Chinese show "The Birth of Actors”(演员的诞生).

Gan said he was "so excited" for Fann, but the actress could not go on the trip due to travel restrictions and logistical problems with Christopher Lee's (her husband) schedule.

Photo via David Gan's Instagram page

If we're reading Gan right, Fann might have wanted to stay in Singapore to take care of her son, six-year-old Zed, as Lee would be away.

Gan continued,

"So many people would kill for this job! Plus she was invited by Ziyi 💔 I truly hope opportunities like that will come around again because there are so many incredible artistes in Singapore! Joanne Peh, Jeanette Aw and Andie Chen are all fabulous stars 💪🏼"

Photo via David Gan's Instagram page

After thanking Zhang for thinking about Singapore, Gan turned his attention to a "BIG bloody organisation" in Singapore.

The biggest agency in Singapore is The Celebrity Agency, the talent management arm of Mediacorp.

The hairstylist did not mince his words when it came to the agency's operations.

"They only know how to throw names and do things for personal gains... They know nothing about how to produce a true star... Stars should be adventurous and allowed to have a personality. They are not factory girls that do everything the factory ask of them! There is a HUGE difference hor!"

Gan specifically mentioned the talent managers and called them "trash", as well as a whole host of unsavoury adjectives.

He also spoke of abuse of authority, but did not divulge further details.

Fann, (Christopher) Lee,  Huang Biren, Jeanette Aw, Patricia Mok, and Hayley Woo are among the 1,000 or so users who liked Gan's post.

Andie Chen also commented to thank Gan.

You can read Gan's post here.

In response to Mothership's queries, Mediacorp said that they are unable to comment.

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