SBS Transit bus captain lauded for giving passenger a mask, no questions asked

No fuss.

Belmont Lay | November 09, 2020, 03:34 PM

If you forgot your mask after leaving the house because you were in a rush, what would you do?

Yes, blame yourself for your forgetfulness and panic, and hope you don't end up under the spotlight or trending on social media.

But thank goodness there are always life-savers who will step in with a helping hand.

Such as a SBS Transit bus captain.

According to a Complaint Singapore Facebook post on Monday morning, Nov. 9, before noon, a public transport commuter publicly thanked the service 197 SBS Transit bus captain for passing on a mask without any hassle.

The commuter wrote:

A big thank you to bus captain of service 197. As I was rushing for an appointment, I hopped onto bus 197, the bus captain gestured to me about the face mask and I was shocked that I had forgotten to wear one. As I was wondering where I could get one, he kindly offered me one. Once again, thank you👏👏👏

As the post appeared in the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, commenters thought it was a rant initially, but realised it was to compliment the bus captain for his help instead.

Commenters praised the bus captain and commented that this was the best way to deal with such situations.

Previous instances of people in Singapore seen without masks on were the result of not complying with regulation to be masked up at all times while in public.

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