Burger King urges customers order from McDonald's to support F&B staff as UK enters lockdown

Tough times.

Nyi Nyi Thet | November 03, 2020, 01:28 PM

The United Kingdom has enacted lockdown regulations as Covid-19 cases soar.

While the measures are apparently not as restrictive as the first lockdown, F&B places will most likely suffer quite a bit of a drop in footfall, as restaurants will be closed except for takeout and delivery.

This has led to Burger King UK releasing a rather peculiar plea.

"Eat McDonald's" or any other food joint essentially:

In case you can't see it.

Their main message was staff at these establishments need support, which supersedes established rivalries between businesses.

But still: "Getting a Whopper is always best, but ordering a Big Mac is also not such a bad thing."

Camaraderie between rival outlets does not appear to be universal though, with Burger King US placing a cheeky ad asking customers to stop by "scary places" for Halloween.

The places are abandoned fast-food restaurants across the U.S.

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