Bukit Batok HDB invaded with cockroaches after fumigation as rubbish chute not properly sealed

Residents were advised to seal the openings and joints of their chutes.

Tanya Ong | November 15, 2020, 07:39 PM

A disturbing video, involving an alarming amount of cockroaches in one HDB resident's kitchen, has been circulating on social media recently.

Cockroaches all over the flat

The video shows cockroaches all over the kitchen after the rubbish chute was fumigated, with the resident claiming that there were around 300.

The video was first shared to Facebook by Chee Soon Juan, Singapore Democratic Party candidate for Bukit Batok SMC in GE2020.

It was also uploaded to Facebook group Complaint Singapore.

If the sight of cockroaches makes your skin crawl, please be warned:

Via Raven Qiu/FB

Via Raven Qiu/FB

Notices were put up regarding fumigation

In a Nov. 13 Facebook post, Jurong-Clementi Town Council put out a statement regarding the incident.

The affected resident had alerted them about cockroaches entering her unit during the fumigation.

The town council said that they had put up notices at Block 203 Bukit Batok Street 21 informing residents of the fumigation, which was to take place on Nov. 4.

Fumigation is carried out once every three months to control the pest population in the rubbish chute, they explained.

In their notice, residents were advised to seal the opening and joints of the refuse chute with masking tape. This is in order to prevent fumes and insects from entering the unit.

The town council also ascertained that the hopper of the rubbish chute at her unit "was unfortunately not sealed", hence allowing the cockroaches to enter.

"We will continue to render any necessary assistance to the affected resident," they added.

Their full post here:

Top photo via Facebook video.

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