Zhejiang woman brings 23 relatives for free meal on blind date, man leaves them with S$4,000 bill


Joshua Lee | October 25, 2020, 05:20 PM

A rather hilarious (and unfortunate) story has been making its rounds.

A woman in Zhejiang, China, was left with a RMB19,800 (S$4,020) bill after her blind date took off without paying for their meal, according to Chinese news site Sohu.

Why did he run, you might ask. Most probably because the woman brought 23 family members along for the meal.

Woman brings 23 family members to blind date, incurs S$4,020 bill

Before the date, the 29-year-old man — who goes by the name Chen — agreed to foot the bill. But when Chen met the girl for dinner, he found himself in the company of 23 other family members of hers.

All together, the entire dinner party took up four tables (which occupied two dining rooms in the restaurant) and racked up a RMB19,800 (S$4,020) bill.

When Chen went to settle the bill, he received a shock. He then switched off his phone and snuck out of the restaurant, leaving the woman to pay for the meal.

Later, when the pair was brought together by their matchmaker to settle this issue, Chen agreed to pay for the two tables in his room which cost RMB4,398 (S$893).

The other two tables in the woman's dining room, which incurred RMB15,402 (S$3,127), had to be paid for by the woman herself.

The tables in the woman's room incurred more probably because they were served alcohol and cigarettes.

Screenshot from Sohu.

The woman then went back to her family members, requesting that they pay for their share as well.

Screenshot from Sohu.

Here's what she wrote, translated into English:

"Hi everyone, thank you for your support during my last blind date. The guy and I agreed before the date that he would pay for the meal.

Someone created trouble during the meal by claiming that the guy is rich, so they should eat more and test his generosity. It made the whole situation unbearable.

I am the biggest victim in this situation.

Because the amount spent far exceeds what I am able to pay.

My reputation has also been damaged.

I don't care who ordered cigarettes and alcohol. I hope the bill can be split equally among us all."

According to Sohu, some of responses from family members include:

"Sister, you were the one who asked us along. I only had a simple meal. I didn't ask for anything extra."

"I only had a glass of alcohol. Shouldn't the guy pay on a blind date?"

"Wow, this guy is so disgusting."

Screenshot from Sohu.

Others quietly sent the woman e-red packets.

Although we can't know for sure how much they sent, Sohu pointed out that the maximum amount one can send via an e-red packet on WeChat is RMB200 (S$41).


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