Top up S$3 at Yuan Cha for 1-litre milk tea, send in an 'act pretty/handsome' selfie for S$5 voucher


Mandy How | October 10, 2020, 12:42 PM

Yuan Cha will not be a foreign name to bubble tea addicts.

Although not as ubiquitous as Koi or Gong Cha, the brand still has a prominent outlet at Far East Plaza, which draws a decent lunch crowd.

For now, Yuan Cha has a promotion that allows you to get a one-litre milk tea with a S$3 top-up.

This means that if you get the medium-sized milk tea (their smallest size) for S$3.10, you can add another S$3 to make it a one-litre portion, making it a total of S$6.10.

Toppings are charged separately.

Here's the medium-sized cup, which looks about 500ml:

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I CANNOT BELIEVE I’VE NEVER REVIEWED THIS ON MY ACCOUNT. @yuanchasingapore is an underrated gem and my favourite bbt shop in the world. Believe me when I say this, I’ve tried bubble tea EVERYWHERE from the OG ones in Taiwan to those in Scandinavian countries like Denmark haha. I’m definitely having this at my wedding!!! 🥺🥺 When I found out they were delivering, I knew I had to place an order to cheer myself up after being cooped up at home for so long. I ordered my all time favourite, the tieguanyin milk tea with QQ rainbow. It never ever fails! Today is the happiest day in the past 3 months. The aroma and richness of the tea + the chewiness of the QQ rainbow = happiness in a cup 🥺 who would have known taro balls + sweet potato balls would complement tieguanyin so well? Review: - The QQ rainbow is really QQ!!! So fun to chew - The tea flavour is STRONG, which I enjoy thoroughly. It doesn’t taste diluted even towards the end of the drink! - The price is very reasonable for a cup of bbt that’s of such quality ($4.4 for a medium) - Service was great! The delivery man told us to enjoy the drinks when he delivered them. Overall rating: Price: 10/10 Taste: 10/10 Packaging: 10/10 Service: 10/10 Chloe

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Compared to the one-litre drink:

Photo via Yuen Cha/Facebook

While it may not be a boon in terms of value, those who need to drown their sorrows in milk tea might find it appealing.

This promotion is only available at Nex, Jurong Point, and Far East Plaza, on a 'while stocks last' basis.

Send in a selfie to receive S$5 voucher

Customers can also get a S$5 voucher from Yuan Cha by sending in their selfie at 9299 5045 (WhatsApp) and DM-ing them on Instagram

The catch? "Must act pretty/handsome," according to the bubble tea store.

You should also provide your mailing address along with the selfie.

Here are the first two participants of the promotion, as well as the vouchers:

Photo via Yuen Cha/Facebook

It's a good deal for those who are not too fussy about privacy issues.

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Top image via Yuan Cha/Facebook