Woman with martial arts skills coolly fends off 2 'drunk customers' trying to hit on her

The scene was staged, but loosely based off real events.

Tanya Ong | October 21, 2020, 07:51 PM

A woman has gone viral for showing off her martial arts skills in a restaurant.

The video, which appears to be CCTV footage, shows the restaurant staff serving two men seated at a table.

CT Fans/FB

One of the men tugged at her arm, presumably trying to get her to accompany them.

She defends herself by hitting the first guy until he falls, and subsequently kicking the second, when he lurches at her.

The second man is then seen trying to throw a chair at her, but she catches it, and also kicks him to the ground.

CT Fans/FB

You can watch the 15s clip here:

Staged scene loosely based off real events

It turns out, though, that the entire scene had been staged.

According to a China Times video, it was later revealed that the restaurant staff in question is the boss of the restaurant.

She also happens to be a martial artist well-versed in taekwondo.

CT Fans/FB

Speaking to China Times, she explained that such an incident had nearly occurred — some drunk customers were harassing her while ordering food, and was trying to touch her.

She got upset, and one of the customers apologised. That was the end of the matter, she said.

However, the next day, she thought about filming a martial arts sequence loosely based off that incident and putting it online.

Her aim, according to her, was to encourage women to not be afraid in standing up for themselves. She also urged women to learn self-defence techniques.

The "most important thing", she said, was to remind people to take note of their behaviour when intoxicated.

The full video here:

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Top photo via CT Fans video/FB