For S$5, S'pore man on Carousell will give unbiased '2nd opinion'. Best listing ever.

Unbiased opinion.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 29, 2020, 12:01 AM

It's rare to find something genuinely creative on the Internet that has managed to, for the most part, remain hidden.

A Facebook post by Kife Wee highlighted just one such instance.

In Wee's post, he uploaded a screenshot of a Carousell listing showing a man offering an unbiased second opinion for the very reasonable price of S$5.

Here is the screenshot of said listing.

Here's the listing on Carousell.

The listing was made over a year ago, so the most pressing question would naturally be, are the second opinions still available?

It turns out the user is very much still going, even if he isn't incredibly active on the platform.

Speaking to Mothership, Rukyn.Xu explained what prompted him to make the post.

"I’ve always loved reading and learning and have tons of otherwise useless information, so many times I may have a point of view which is different from what is generally held. Just did this listing on a whim if anyone wanted a sounding board I’m available."

And while the listing hasn't seen much takers, there have been "a few here and there".

Like all good ideas, the concept has been tried and tested in reality.

"I’ve been doing this for my friends IRL since my teens. So I thought why not just offer it to anyone else who might be interested."

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Image from Getty and Wee