'High demand' for TraceTogether tokens at collection centres, S'poreans advised not to rush to collect

No chill.

Tanya Ong | October 24, 2020, 11:09 AM

Earlier this month, it was announced that that the TraceTogether token or app for SafeEntry will be made mandatory for a lot of public places in Singapore by Dec. 2020.

Since then, some collection centres have seen longer-than-usual queues.

Here's a long queue sighted at Rivervale on Oct. 22:

Edric Lau/FB

With people supposedly waiting outside even before collection started:

Waltz Ng/FB

A long queue outside Sengkang CC was also spotted on Oct. 23, at around 10:30am.

According to a Mothership reader, the waiting time was approximately 1.5 hours.

Photo courtesy of Zheng Rong.

No need to rush to collect

In a Telegram blast this morning (Oct. 24), GovTech announced that there has been "high demand" for the collection of tokens.

They advised Singaporeans not to rush to collect the tokens, and said that there is no need to collect the token if one already has the TraceTogether app.

One may check the token availability and nearest collection centre via the Token Go Where site.

As of 10am on Oct. 24, the status of Kallang Community Centre is "out of stock".

The token is currently available at 38 community centres and 12 mobile booths in Singapore. The temporary booths are only available on specific dates and time.

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Top photo via Edric Lau/FB, Zhang Zheng Rong.