Holland Village restaurant offers working space for S$12.90+, includes charging points, WiFi, coffee & cake


Mandy How | October 12, 2020, 02:08 PM

The Social Alley is catering to the work-from-home masses this Covid season.

The restaurant at Holland Village has come up with a S$12.90+ deal to attract patrons to hog their space by working, studying, or even networking there.

The price includes "premium roast" coffee and cake, as well as access to WiFi and charging points.

Photo by Guanzhen Tan

It's not specified what type of coffee you'll get beyond "premium roast", and if you'll have to top-up for certain options:

Image via The Social Alley/Facebook

Printing services are also available, at S$0.30 for every black and white document and S$0.50 for each coloured print.

The restaurant did not state how long you're allowed to stay for, but the S$12.90+ deal is offered between 12pm to 5pm daily.

If you feel sufficiently bad for occupying the space, though, you can always order something from the menu.

There's salad, tapas, bar bites, pizza, and pasta.

Photo via The Social Alley/Google Maps

Photo via The Social Alley/Google Maps

Pizzas and pasta range from S$18 - S$29, to give you an idea.

There are limited seats for this promotion.

The restaurant seems to have been revamped from a previous concept, with this new menu launching only in October this year.

While it is not clear if the space has been redecorated, here's how it previously looked:

Photo via The Social Alley/Google Maps

Photo via Jo-Anne Tsai/Google Maps

Photo via The Social Alley/Google Maps

Photo via The Social Alley/Google Maps



Holland Village, 269 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278990

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday, 12:30pm -9pm

Friday and Saturday, 12:30pm -10pm

Sunday, 10:30am - 9pm

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Top image via The Social Alley/Google Maps