Thai man gets drunk, brings dog home, gets confused & adopts dog for good


Belmont Lay | October 07, 2020, 12:51 AM

A man in Thailand got drunk one evening and brought a random dog back home.

When he woke up the next morning, he was momentarily confused, but eventually decided to keep the dog.

This heartwarming and liverwarming story took place one rainy night and changed the lives of two creatures.

Man got drunk at buffet

On Oct. 2, 2020, the man, Yutthaphum “Boom” Kaewekhem, visited a local mookata buffet around Saimai neighbourhood with his friend.

On Oct. 3, the man posted various videos showing the exact moment the would-be fur parent brought the dog back home.

Attempted to put dog in car

The journey back home was akin to a dognapping.

The man was seen attempting to make the dog enter his car several times that night, but the dog jumped out each time.

There were two dogs at the scene at that time, but the man kept aiming for the black and brown one.

The morning after

The man eventually brought the dog back home and he was to be very confused when he woke up to find a dog walking around his house.

Tried to return dog

The story almost ended the way nobody wanted as the man brought the dog back to the eatery where he found it, and gave it food, with the intention of leaving it there.

But he found out that the animal had been abandoned.

So, he decided to bring it back home with him again for good.

Taken care of now

The dog has been named, Moo Ta, inspired by the place where they first crossed paths.

Moo Ta was then brought to the vet for a health check and vaccinated.

It has also been groomed.

The story was so riveting that it has been shared 55,000 times on Facebook.

The dog is now a frequent subject of the man's videos:

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All photos via Yutthaphum “Boom” Kaewekhem