S'pore woman's cat brings home 2 live hamsters for fun, now she's looking for hamsters’ owner

Kids get kidnapped, hamsters get hamsternapped.

Siti Hawa | October 14, 2020, 04:00 PM

A pet cat in Singapore brought home two live hamsters over two consecutive days, in what could be the first case of hamsternapping committed by a domesticated feline.

On Oct. 11, 2020, a woman, known as Teo, posted about her cat bringing home a live hamster.

The next day, the Facebook post was updated to reveal that Teo's cat had brought home yet another hamster of "similar colour".

Here's what the two hamsters look like:

Photo via Teo on Facebook.

Photo via Teo on Facebook.

The post has since garnered over 2,000 shares and over 700 reactions -- a reaction to the audacity of the pet cat's grab and go.

Looking for the owners

In her post, Teo said that she is looking for the owners of the two hamsters:

"So my cat brought home a hamster today.

If anyone is missing this hamster in Chai Chee area, please contact me. Please help to share this if you know if anyone who lives in this vicinity!"

She updated her post the next day to reveal that her cat had brought home another hamster of similar appearance, and that both are "alive and well":

"*Update on 12 Oct*

My cat brought home another hamster of similar colour early this morning... Both are alive and well...


What will happen to the hamsters?

In the comments section, Teo said she had found adopters for the hamsters.

She will give the hamsters to the adopters if the owner or owners do not come forward to reclaim their kidnapped hamsters.

She also expressed her appreciation for those who had offered to foster and adopt the hamsters and donate hamster accessories.

Cat's identity kept confidential

Many commenters asked for a picture of Teo's cat:

In response, Teo said that her cat's identity has to be kept confidential for safety reasons, as it's on a "secret opurration".

Others suggested that the hamsters' owners might be living around Teo's neighbourhood:

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Top photos via Teo on Facebook