Zookeeper in Shanghai mauled to death by bears

The zoo has temporarily closed its dangerous animals section of the enclosure due to the incident.

Julia Yeo | October 19, 2020, 03:52 PM

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Visitors at a zoo in Shanghai, China witnessed a zookeeper getting mauled to death by a sleuth of bears on Saturday, Oct. 17, despite attempts to save the zookeeper.

Zookeeper killed by bears

According to Chinese state media Global Times, visitors were on board a bus during a tour around the dangerous animals section of the park when they saw the horrifying scene.

A visitor who was present during the incident uploaded a video of the confusion on the bus onto Chinese social media, showing a brief cut of a few bears gathering in one spot.

According to the user, those on board the bus had seen the whole incident, and many were traumatised by it.

A heavy equipment operator working near the enclosure for bears attempted but failed to to drive the bears away.

The bears dragged the zookeeper's body away and the operator remained in his vehicle until the police arrived.

Enclosure temporarily closed

After the incident, the zoo put up an announcement saying that they will be temporarily suspending the dangerous animals section of the park, offering refunds to patrons.

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