SG Nasi Lemak member, 20, sentenced to 1 year probation for having 462 lewd films on phone & laptop

Two other charges are being taken into consideration.

Ashley Tan | October 16, 2020, 03:04 PM

A member of the infamous SG Nasi Lemak Telegram chat group, where obscene photos and videos of women were shared, was sentenced on Oct. 16.

Has to perform community service too

20-year-old Justin Lee Han Shi was sentenced to one year of probation for possessing video files containing 462 obscene films, according to CNA and court documents seen by Mothership.

These files were stored on his mobile phone and laptop.

CNA reported that Lee will have to remain indoors from 11pm to 6am every day. Additionally, he will have to perform 40 hours of community service.

Lee's parents paid a S$5,000 bond to ensure his good behaviour.

He had pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing obscene films.

Two other charges are being taken into consideration — one of Lee possessing 556 obscene images and another of transmitting obscene materials via electronic means for circulation.

For possessing any obscene film, Lee could have been fined up to S$20,000 or imprisoned for up to six months, or both.

For each of the two charges being taken into consideration, Lee could be imprisoned up to three months, fined, or both.

What is SG Nasi Lemak?

SG Nasi Lemak first surfaced and came to the wider public's attention in September 2019 after several women reported finding their photos shared on the platform.

The group is filled with crowdsourced obscene photos and videos of women openly shared and traded in the group.

Some of these videos were voyeuristic, and were taken without the women's consent.

By this time, which was the platform's peak, it had between 44,000 to 46,000 members.

The platform was also used to advertise the sale of sexual services, cigarettes and vaping devices, and male sexual-enhancement drugs.

Sentences pending for group's admins

Three other people involved in the case have yet to be sentenced.

They are Leonard Teo Min Xuan, 27, and Liong Tianwei, 38, the administrators of the group.

The fourth person is an 18-year-old whose name cannot be revealed, as he was underage at the time of the offences, reported CNA.

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