This field of Pink Muhly grass in South Korea is simply gorgeous


Sumita Thiagarajan | October 08, 2020, 06:48 PM

While we still can't travel for leisure yet, some of us are busy putting places on a bucket list for when we can travel again.

Until then, we can appreciate beautiful faraway places through our computer and mobile screens, such as the beautiful fields of Nari Park in Yangju, South Korea.

Gorgeous Pink Muhly grass & other pretty plants

The park in Yangju is well-known for its Pink Muhly grass field which produces the pink cloud-like flowers in autumn.

Here are some lovely shots of the fluffy-looking pink flowering plants from Nari Park:

photo of instagram shot in nari park Photo via mongdo_/Instagram

photo of guy standing in nari park tall grass Photo via jemagoncia/Instagram

photo of instagram shot in nari park pink grass Photo via bli2s_/Instagram

photo of pink grass in yangju south korea Photo via mr____cheon/Instagram

There are also other plants, such as the Globe Amaranth which has beautiful purplish-pink flowers.

photo of lady standing at nari park amaranth Photo via helioprismlight/Instagram

Photo via adventureskorea/Instagram

According to girlstyle, the entrance fee for adults and children is ₩2,000 (S$2.36) and ₩1,000 (S$1.18) respectively.

To get there, you can either take public transport or join a tour via Klook, according to blogger thesoulofseoul.

Can KIV for your next trip to South Korea.

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