Philadelphia Cheesecake Oreo cubes pre-cut & sold in bag for perpetually lazy out now

Saves you the work of cutting notoriously hard frozen cheesecake.

Belmont Lay | October 30, 2020, 03:40 AM

Philadelphia Cheesecake with Oreo cube is now a thing.


While Philadelphia Oreo Cheesecake has been around for a while now, the genius idea of pre-cutting them into sample-sized chunks before selling the whole lot in a bag is new as it takes away the hassle.


Pre-cutting into bite-sized chunks convenient

Philadelphia releasing the Philadelphia Cheesecake with Oreo cubes is likely an attempt to court the greasy dollar of the perpetually lazy, who would otherwise eat more cheesecake if they were already cut.


This idea is not that Einsteinian though: Cream cheese sandwiched between crushed Oreo cookie shaped into bite-sized cubes for non-stopping gobbling.

Cutting first makes product sense

However, cutting frozen cheesecake beforehand and selling them as cubes does make product sense.

Cheesecake when left frozen in the typical household freezer can be notoriously difficult to cut and eat, and requires thawing for at least 20 minutes before serving.

Taking frozen cheesecake out to thaw periodically and re-freezing it can cause the product's quality to deteriorate.

Cheesecake cubes will enable the eater to fish out the required amount, while leaving the rest relatively untouched.

Potential windfall for first importer

The Philadelphia Cheesecake with Oreo cubes is currently not available in Singapore -- yet, perhaps.

It is available in South Korea.

A 400g bag of cheesecake cubes retails for about S$20.

The first importer to bring it into Singapore is looking at a potential windfall.

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