Pedestrian crossing Marine Parade junction casually delivers back kick at passing taxi

Kung-fu fighting.

Ashley Tan | October 26, 2020, 04:22 PM

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A taxi crossing a traffic junction at Marine Parade recently suffered the wrath of one pedestrian.

Casual kick

In a video posted to Facebook page, a middle-aged man was filmed crossing a traffic junction intersecting Marine Parade Rd and Still Rd South.

A taxi subsequently made a discretionary right turn, whipping by pretty close to the man.

Close enough for the man to casually deliver a swift kick to the taxi's door as it drove by.

The man then continues on his way unimpeded and unbothered.

It is uncertain if the taxi stopped after taking the hit, or carried on driving.

Mixed reactions

Some in the comments sided with the pedestrian, stating that the taxi had driven much too close for comfort.

While others believed that the man could have crossed the junction faster.

Several Facebook users also noted that junctions with discretionary right turns were a recipe for disaster, in their view.

This is especially considering the numerous accidents that have occurred in such locations.

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