Peacock attacks car in S'pore after seeing its own reflection, leaves scratches all over side

Clearly had its feathers ruffled.

Ashley Tan | October 21, 2020, 05:38 PM

One irate peacock in Singapore recently met its match — its own reflection on the shiny surface of a parked car.

Angry at its reflection

A video shared to Facebook page Motorist Singapore showed the large bird inspecting the side of the car.

It then proceeds to flap its wings and scratch the car's surface with its claws, as if engaged in a duel.

The video appeared to have been filmed by a passer-by, who watched the entire scene of destruction unfold.

And here is the aftermath of the peacock's vicious attack.

Photo from Motorist Singapore / FB

This isn't the first time a peacock has waged war against a vehicle.

One at the Singapore Zoo was spotted pecking and scratching a taxi several years ago, going as far as to chase the vehicle down when the driver attempted to make a quick escape.

This phenomena has been spotted overseas as well.

Peacocks are known to be aggressive and territorial birds. With their low intelligence, peacocks often believe their reflections are that of a competing rival, and will attack it to attempt to drive the "intruder" away.

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Top photo from Motorist Singapore / FB