Old Chang Kee politely answers customer who asked if curry puff with green dot might be spoilt

Curry puff questions.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 28, 2020, 11:13 PM

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Hey have you ever seen a green dot on a curry puff?

One Old Chang Kee customer did, and felt compelled to put up a post discussing and theorising the discovery.

Here is the post:

"Bought these new launched “chicken mushroom pie” from VivoCity branch today. Got a shock to see these green little dots on the pie. Not sure what are them and if they are spoilt? I bought the same from Junction 8 yesterday, and they don’t have these greenish dots!"

Pictures to prove it as well.

Image from Facebook

A quick search on Google would have delivered the result fresh and piping hot.

Here's a succinct summary by Sumopocky:

Curry Puff without dot - Original

Curry Puff with red dot - Sardines

Curry Puff with green dot - Chicken & Mushroom

Old Chang Kee responds

Nevertheless, Old Chang Kee armed with a new media savvy, decided to answer the question real politely.

Nice and sweet.

Others though gave equally compelling answers:


But this, of course, was debated.

Respectable conclusion.

Just eat.

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