S$7.45 Abalone Cheese Beehoon at Serangoon Gardens in 1-for-1 promo till Oct. 31

There are other dishes at Nic & Tom Eatery which are also worth your stomach space and money.

Joshua Lee | October 26, 2020, 05:47 PM

Update: The 1-for-1 Abalone Cheese Beehoon promotion has been extended to Nov. 30, 2020. The article has been updated to reflect this. 

The first thing about Nic & Tom Eatery that caught our attention was their S$1.90 Tuck Shop Rice.

"S$1.90 for a bowl of rice? Must be a very small bowl," is what you're probably thinking, and you're right. It is tiny:

Via Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagram.

However, it is a very well-put together bowl consisting of pearl rice, a sunny-side-up, fried pork, and a secret mix of sauce and spices.

According to the founders, this is an "elevated version" of what their family used to eat (rice and light sauce) when they were poorer.

By the way, the namesakes of this eatery — Nicholas Lim and Tommy Pang — are cousins from the family that runs the famous Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo chain.

From their website, it says that the food that they serve at Nic & Tom Eatery are dishes that both Lim and Pang personally love.

Back again to the Tuck Shop Rice: Mix everything together and you'll get a wonderfully gooey bowl of mush which can be easily finished within five to six bites. What's more, the Tuck Shop Rice is limited to one serving per customer.

Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagam.

What's the use of putting it on the menu then? We suspect that it is meant to whet your appetite for their main dishes and trust us, you will want to save some stomach space.

If you enjoy eating innards, we recommend the Large Intestine Mee Sua (S$5.90). The intestines were cleaned perfectly; there wasn't an odour in ours. They were well-braised and quite soft, but still retained a bit of bite.

The mee sua was silky and together with the flavourful braising sauce, went down our throats faster than a train at peak hour.

Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagam.

The F Chicken Wings (S$5) was also a crowd favourite.

Maybe the "F" stands for Fried or maybe it stands for F**kingGood because they really were very good. We got three wings — broken up into mid joints and drumlets — which were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Ours were also well-marinated too.

The eatery provides disposable plastic gloves for those who don't want to get their hands dirty.

Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagam.

The Abalone Cheese Beehoon (S$14.90) was also quite a stunner — visually.

It had prawns, pork paste, scallops, and that abalone — when we first saw it, our reaction was "Wah, very dua liap (big)."

Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagam.

Individually, most of the ingredients were quite premium and they definitely tasted good, but we didn't feel that they came together in a coherent way like Large Intestine Mee Sua did.

On the bright side, the cheese gravy was very palatable.

It wasn't heavy or too rich so you will likely be able to finish it without feeling like you have to expel the contents of your stomach.

If you're a big eater, one serving of Abalone Cheese Beehoon with a free top-up of bee hoon will be enough to fill you.

For some things in life, size matters. Image by Joshua Lee.

What we have reviewed here is just a small portion of Nic & Tom Eatery's menu.

Their Cheese Seafood Beehoon series alone has six variations (including the Abalone Cheese Beehoon) and their prices range from S$9.90 to S$18.90.

Other signature dishes recommended by friends include the Long Jiang Pig Leg Rice (S$4.90) and the newly-launched Lobster Pao Fan (S$39.60, limited to six sets per day)

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Pao Fan (literally meaning "submerged rice") is steamed rice drenched in gravy. Unlike porridge, the rice is not cooked until it becomes watery.

Long Jiang Pig Leh Rice. Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagram

Lobster Pao Fan. Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagam.

If you would like to try the Abalone Cheese Beehoon, Nic & Tom Eatery is running a one-for-one promotion on it until end October 2020 end November 2020.

So each serving of Abalone Cheese Beehoon will only set you back S$7.45. The condition is that you have to join their Telegram channel.

Even if you don't get this dish, Nic & Tom Eatery has other offerings that are great and friendly on the wallet as well.

Nic & Tom Eatery

Address: 55 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555951 (map)

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm, daily

Contact: 6789 9696 / 8410 4122 (WhatsApp for delivery services)

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Top images via Nic & Tom Eatery/Instagram, Joshua Lee.