Resident horrified after neighbour's soiled sanitary pad lands on kitchen window ledge


Tanya Ong | October 24, 2020, 07:33 PM

Facebook user Gail Siow-Sethi took to group Complaint Singapore to share a horrifying finding she had noticed at her window ledge.

Here it is:

Gail Siow-Sethi/FB

And just in case you completely missed it, here's a closer look:

Gail Siow-Sethi/FB

Gail Siow-Sethi/FB

Siow-Sethi also claimed that it was the "second time" that day this had happened.

The soiled sanitary pad had apparently been flung out of a kitchen window, landing on the ledge near the laundry poles where she had hung some "clean clothes" out to dry.

In the comments, she also said she subsequently wrote a "nasty note" and stuck posters regarding the incident outside the lift lobby.

It is unclear where exactly this took place.

In response to her post, however, some also shared their own experiences with high-rise littering.

Problem has happened in Singapore before

In 2019, Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah brought up the issue of persistent littering in her constituency despite the installation of surveillance cameras.

One of the topics she raised was the many incidents of litterbugs throwing sanitary pads out of high-rise buildings, something which she has been talking about since 2015.

Lee then suggested that DNA testing could be used to identify litterbugs who toss out their sanitary pads, reported CNA.

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Top photo via Gail Siow-Sethi/FB.