S'poreans can now buy 'money pulling' roasted pig for festive celebrations

Full stomach and full wallet.

Syahindah Ishak | October 17, 2020, 07:16 PM

Celebrating birthdays with cake is overrated.

Why not switch things up with a "money pulling" roasted pig?

On Oct. 12, SG Buffet King posted a video of the money pulling roasted pig on its Facebook page.

The video claims that this is the first of its kind in Singapore.

The roasted pig is created by a third generation roaster with more than 30 years of roasting experience.

How it's made

To make the pig, a grill has to be set up using charcoal.

The pig is then grilled using the traditional grilling method.

The special ingredient is then added onto the meat — the Hoi Sin Sauce, made by the roasters' family.

Once the pig is grilled, it's time to put the money in.

The money is first covered with a plastic and then rolled into a small white box.

The amount of money is customisable to one's own preference.

The box will then be placed under the roasted pig and it's ready to go.

Here's the full video by SG Buffet King:


The money pulling roasted pig is suitable for festive celebrations, especially for birthdays of people who want to highlight longevity.

The act of pulling money can be considered auspicious as it brings wealth.

The roasted pig, on the other hand, symbolises abundance.

It is also commonly used by the Chinese when praying to show sincerity to the deities for their blessing.

Costs S$188

The money pulling pig weighs about 4kg to 5kg and can be ordered online.

It currently costs S$188 but if you prefer a non-money pulling one, it goes for slightly cheaper at S$168.

Here's an example of a family who were all smiles as they celebrated a birthday with the money pulling pig:

Here's another:

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Top images from Frozen and Co website & SG Buffet King/FB.