Man cycles on right-hand lane of AYE, narrowly avoids getting knocked down by car

The cyclist could be seen changing lanes seconds before the incident.

Jason Fan | October 18, 2020, 11:55 AM

A cyclist caught on video riding on the right-most lane of the Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE) narrowly avoided getting knocked down by a car, thanks to a driver's quick reflexes.

The cyclist was riding in the middle of the right-most lane

According to the dashcam footage shared with Mothership by Gabriel Lim, who was the driver, the cyclist was riding in the middle of the right-most lane of the AYE.

According to the Highway Code, the right-hand lane in a three-lane carriageway is only for overtaking, and even vehicles should not stay in it longer than necessary after overtaking vehicles in the centre lane.

And yes, it also happens to be illegal to cycle on the highway in the first place.

The footage showed the car travelling behind a motorcycle, before having to swerve quickly to avoid the cyclist.

Upon closer inspection, the cyclist could be seen changing lanes towards the right-most lane, seconds before the incident.

According to Lim, the time-stamp on the camera was inaccurate, and the incident happened at approximately 7:25pm, on Oct. 17.

He also said that he uploaded the video to bring awareness to the public and the cycling community that such "inconsiderate behaviour" is undesirable and extremely dangerous.

You can see the full video of the incident here:

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Top image via Gabriel Lim.