'Men must not wash the dishes': M'sian man's controversial house rules causes online uproar

It's 2020.

Syahindah Ishak | October 09, 2020, 07:02 PM

A man who goes by the username @wanyusri16 on Twitter has angered netizens due to his controversial Twitter thread.

According to his Twitter bio, his full name, which is written in Arabic, is Wan Abdullah Yusri.

He lives in Pahang, Malaysia.

"Men will eat first, women will be on standby"

On Oct. 8, Wan tweeted this:

Here's a translation of his tweet:

"When eating at Ayah Long (eldest uncle)'s house, there are rules that men would love.

  1. A hand washing bowl must be present at the table.
  2. The men will eat first, women will be on standby to see what's not enough.
  3. Women will refill a dish/drink when needed.
  4. Men aren't allowed to take their plates away and men must not wash the dishes."

"Cooking, serving and cleaning are women's jobs"

In the subsequent tweets under Wan's Twitter thread, he wrote:

"My aunt has scolded me many times for washing the dishes after I've finished eating. She told me that men's job is to eat. Cooking, serving and cleaning are women's jobs. Looks like we are discriminating women, right? But this is the tradition in the olden days.

Before I've even finished eating and drinking, my aunt will be ready to refill my rice and drink. She watches the men carefully while they eat. When the men are done, the women can finally eat. That's what I've observed."

Misogynistic and sexist

Wan's Twitter thread has gone viral, garnering over 3,500 retweets and 26,900 comments.

Most netizens were angered by his tweets, stating that the men in his family are misogynistic and sexist.

Different eras

On the other hand, a few didn't see anything wrong with Wan's tweets, explaining that Wan's uncle came from a different era with older traditions.


"His Ayah Long is an old man from a different era. Where men were breadwinners and women were caretakers...if you want to disagree, go ahead. But to curse and insult a man who is older than you is a tad much. Be disappointed with yourselves, you say you're modern but how can you forget our traditions?"


"Why are some people triggered? He's just sharing his family's tradition.

When feminists proclaimed the emancipation of women, causing some of them to sell their bodies, you tell them, 'own your body'. But if someone chooses to sit at home and serve their husband and children, you call it slavery?

Keep going bro."

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Top images from @wanyusri16/Twitter.