Woodlands collision: 8-year-old girl in coma shows signs of responsiveness after a week in ICU

However, she is currently not out of danger.

Joshua Lee | October 30, 2020, 03:58 PM

Lovelynn Tan, the 8-year-old girl who went into a coma after she was thrown out a van in a traffic accident, has shown signs of responsiveness in the ICU.

She had suffered injuries to her head and legs.

According to 8 World, staff at KK Women and Children's Hospital were helping to clear her phlegm when she responded.

However, she has not emerged from her coma and is currently not completely out of danger.

The girl's father, Eric Tan, told the media that Lovelynn has undergone three brain scans since she was in the ICU and she might be undergoing another scan within the next two days.

Both her legs, which were broken, are healing properly and there is no sign of infection.

Both Eric and his wife have been visiting the hospital every day to visit Lovelynn.

The family has been receiving donations from members of the public and Eric has been thanking them via Facebook for their generosity.

Most recently, according to a Oct. 30 Facebook post by Guorong Andy, he says he will be donating S$39,000 to the family:

Top images via Eric Tan/Facebook.