Young kid lost at Our Tampines Hub searched for mother on touchscreen mall directory

Big brain moment.

Ashley Tan | October 17, 2020, 04:05 PM

One lost child at Our Tampines Hub devised a rather creative -- and hilarious -- way of attempting to find his family.

Tried finding mother on directory

In a story shared on POWER 98 Love Songs' Facebook page, the person who took the photo revealed that it was a primary school kid around the age of 11 or 12.

The child was looking for his or her parents.

Some kids might wander around, head to the information counter, or perhaps ask other passers-by for help.

This particular child, however, ingeniously decided to search "mom" in the mall's digital directory.

Naturally, the directory stated that no result is found.

It is uncertain if the person who took the photo decided to help the kid out, or how the kid was reunited with his parents in the end.

Other wholesome incidents

Previous incidents of children lost at various places though, have shown that Good Samaritans in Singapore do help reunite them with their families.

Recently, one particular incident of a SafeEntry officer at VivoCity accompanying a teenager with autism until his mother arrived stood out.

On the other hand, sometimes it is the parents who are more absent-minded.

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Top photo from POWER 98 Love Songs / FB and Google Maps streetview