Visitor to Changi Jurassic Mile hit by golf ball from Tanah Merah Country Club

Wear a helmet if you're cycling, bring a brolly if you are on foot.

Joshua Lee | October 23, 2020, 12:57 AM

Edit: The article was updated with a statement by CAG.

If you're going to visit Changi Jurassic Mile, it might be best to bring along some head protection.

Facebook user Derek Yap and his family were at the newly-opened cycling and jogging path when the family's helper was hit by a flying golf ball.

"A loud thud was heard before I turn around and see my helper dropping on her knees onto the floor. She held her head and started crying."

Derek Yap/Facebook

According to Yap, the golf ball came from Tanah Merah Country Club, which is right beside Changi Jurassic Mile.

Changi Jurassic Mile is located next to Tanah Merah Country Club, Image via Google Maps.

A security guard came to their assistance immediately and an airport ambulance was activated to convey the domestic helper to a hospital.

Derek Yap/Facebook

Derek Yap/Facebook

Thankfully, Yap's helper only suffered some bruising and did not have to be admitted.

Yap added that he also met a Changi Airport Group’s Arrival Experience manager who explained that the group brought up the possibility of stray golf balls hitting members of the public during the construction phase of Jurassic Mile.

The golf ball that hit Yap's helper. Derek Yap/Facebook

In a statement provided to Mothership, Changi Airport Group said:

“Changi Airport Group (CAG) regrets this unfortunate incident, which has never happened at the Jurassic Mile before. Assistance was rendered immediately to the visitor last evening, and CAG is in contact with the family to check on her condition.

CAG is looking into additional ways to further minimise the risk of stray golf balls heading towards the Jurassic Mile, such as putting up nettings in that area.”

"I am sharing this so that people are aware, I can’t imagine how it will turn out if the golf ball were to hit my kids or any other children or elderly who will be there every single day," wrote Yap.

In the meantime, he suggested that visitors to Changi Jurassic Mile wear helmets or bring an umbrella until a permanent protection is put in place.

You can read Yap's post below:

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Top images courtesy of Derek Yap.