Joey Meng, turns 50, proves she's ageless: She was Ma Xiaoling in 1998's 'My Date With A Vampire'

Either goddess or vampire.

Belmont Lay | October 21, 2020, 02:09 AM

Joey Meng, the evergreen Hong Kong actress, beauty queen and model, has just turned 50 years young.

To celebrate her birthday, she put up a video on various social media platforms to wish herself well and show viewers what graceful aging looks like:

Her youthful countenance, naturally, attracted a ton of comments calling her out as both a "goddess" and "vampire" who never ages.


The "vampire" comments are not a slur, as Meng was the lead actress who starred in the wildly popular Hong Kong drama, My Date With A Vampire, circa 1998.

The series titillated many with its kooky love story about a vampire Kuang Tianyou and spunky ghostbuster Ma Xiaoling, played by Meng.

The memorable role cemented her place in classic television canon from the 1990s, at a time when the medium was at its peak globally.

Birthday tease

Meng's birthday video was a tease for fans, as she provided a small glimpse of her trademark 109cm legs.

Her birthdate is officially listed as Oct. 2, 1970.

On Oct. 18, Meng posted her video wishing herself happy birthday according to the lunar calendar.

She wrote: "Today is my lunar birthday, happy birthday to me."

In the video, she said in Cantonese: "Some say, a woman at 18 is at her best age... but, I feel, regardless of one's age, the present age is still the best age. A woman is at her best age not when she is 18 and at the prime of her youth, nor is it at 30 when she is mature, but it is when she is at her most confident self."

The video ended with the caption: "1970 + 50 = 2020. Happy birthday to me".

Meng's various social media postings so far have documented her resistance to ageing over the years:

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