Central Java governor claims some Indonesian regions don't test for Covid-19 to retain 'green zone' status

"Green zone" status are used in Indonesia to designate regions that are more prepared against Covid-19 and have a declining rate cases.

Darryl Laiu | October 26, 2020, 03:03 PM

Some regions in Central Java in Indonesia are not conducting Covid-19 tests in order to maintain their "green zone" status, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo claimed.

According to The Jakarta Post, Ganjar said: "Some want their regions to be called green zones and get recognition, but they don't conduct any [Covid-19] tests."

In Indonesia, regions with a declining rate of Covid-19 cases are categorised as "green zones". The status also depends on the regional government's preparedness against Covid-19.

Indonesia uses this colour code to indicate Covid-19 threat levels in the country. Green zones indicate a lower risk of transmission while red zones have the highest risk.

These zones are allowed to ease up their social distancing measures and open up all public and commercial facilities without having to ensure that there are no crowds.

Ganjar refused to identify the regions that made no effort to detect cases. However, he said that he has demanded the designated green zones to conduct massive testing and tracking.

Singapore-Indonesia Green Lane

On Oct. 12, the foreign affairs ministries of both countries announced that a reciprocal green lane between Singapore and Indonesia will be established.

It was previously announced that applications will be opened on Monday, Oct. 26.

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