GrabFood lets you order from different eateries with single delivery fee, lets friends add food into a single basket & more

Budget friendly and convenient options available too.

| Siti Hawa | Sponsored | October 17, 2020, 12:03 PM

There’s no denying that GrabFood has brought ease and convenience into our lives. 

We no longer have to dash out into the midday heat to dabao food back for lunch at work. 

Nor do we have to leave the house to get food when we’re feeling lazy on the weekends (especially if it’s raining).

Regardless of when you need your food, or who you're ordering for, GrabFood has evolved to offer more than just convenience, bringing greater variety and value. 

Check out some common scenarios here, and which GrabFood features will come in handy for each.


Mealtime variety (Mix & Match)

GrabFood’s Mix & Match tech helps cater to a variety of different taste buds and preferences.

This is ideal if you’re having lunch with friends or simply want to indulge in a variety of dishes as customers can order from different merchants and pay just one delivery fee.

Screenshot via GrabFood

Looking for a quick and inexpensive meal? You can choose from a list of popular and budget-friendly local fare such as Kim San Leng in Bishan, as well as support our local hawkers through the Hawker Centre 2.0 initiative.

For example, you can pair your chicken rice order with a kopi c to get you through a sluggish work day.

Screenshot via GrabFood

Alternatively, opt for GrabFood Destinations, which groups eateries by location, so you get to try a little bit of everything from different restaurants.

These 'destinations' include popular foodie belts, such as Holland Village and Amoy.

Photo via GrabFood on Facebook


Feeding the family on a budget (Free Delivery)

If you’ve been tasked with ordering food for the next family dinner, here are some tips to save money, without compromising on taste.

Screenshot via GrabFood

Some GrabFood merchants offer free delivery with a minimum spend, or a delivery discount up to a certain amount.

Screenshot via GrabFood

Alternatively, you can utilise the Deals Around You feature to scout for the best promotions and offers on GrabFood.

Otherwise, check out Delivery Under S$3 for even more options.


Lunchtime at work (Order With friends)

Most of us should know the struggle of compiling a list of food orders during lunch time at work.

More often than not, we find ourselves shouting across the room: 

“Do you want any toppings for your bubble tea?”

“Sugar level how much ah?”

“Hot or cold?”

With multiple options to choose from, keying in orders for others can become a messy affair.

Screenshot via GrabFood

Luckily, GrabFood now offers Order with Friends, a new function that allows different users to add individual orders to a single basket. 

All the group needs is one person to start the group order by tapping on the top right of the order page. 

Once one person has created a group order, they can invite others by sharing a link. 

Clicking the shared link will allow friends to automatically access the order page on their own app, where they can add their own orders into a shared basket, and split the delivery fee. 


On the way (self pick-up option)

Screenshot via GrabFood

On the way home from work or school with a rumbling tummy?

Skip the queue and save on delivery fees when you opt for the self pick-up option. This way, you'll get bang for your buck while appeasing your empty stomach ASAP.


Whip up your own feast (GrabMart)

If you’re looking to indulge yourself and/or a loved one, or if you’re simply the romantic sort, GrabMart makes it easy to whip up a dish for that special someone.

Simply purchase groceries and cooking essentials on GrabMart.

Not to mention, keep a lookout on GrabFood or their social media pages for updates on GrabMart's latest promos and newest merchants.

Here are some examples of past promotions on GrabMart and Grab’s social media page:

Screenshot via GrabFood

If you're a new user, the promo code GMARTNEW8 also gives you S$8 off your first purchase.



Screenshot via GrabFood

GrabFood has made ordering food with family, friends and loved ones easier and more convenient than ever before, bringing value and variety to all.

On top of this, the Free Delivery, Deals Around You and Delivery under S$3 categories and GrabFood vouchers offer a plethora of affordable and budget-friendly options.

This month, Grab is also celebrating delivery and driver heroes, so be sure to show your appreciation too when you order using GrabFood or GrabMart.

GrabFood is constantly updating itself to offer customers even greater convenience, affordability and savings.

We can’t wait to see what else they will offer in time to come.

Top photos via GrabFood on Facebook

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