New car-sharing service Shariot offers short-term vehicle rentals from S$1 per hour

Most of the vehicles available are located in the heartlands.

Jason Fan | October 09, 2020, 12:08 AM

Shariot, a new car-sharing service in Singapore, officially launched on Oct. 6 offering short-term vehicle rentals from as low as S$1 per hour.

In its initial phase, Shariot will operate with a fleet of more than 250 cars, in over 85 heartland locations across Singapore, with plans to roll out to more locations in the future.

No membership fee

According to Shariot, their fleet of vehicles are located island-wide, and can be accessed at HDB carparks, which are typically minutes from selected MRT stations throughout Singapore.

Image via Shariot.

The company operates on a A-to-A return trip car-sharing model, where users will have to pick up and return the vehicles to the reserved parking lots within the same car park where they have retrieved it from.

Users will be allowed to drive the vehicles into Malaysia, with an additional S$20 entry fee.

Pets are allowed in Shariot cars.

Membership is free, and the company claims that users can enjoy the car-sharing service "without confusing price grids" and hidden costs.

To use the service, users have to download the Shariot app, which will allow users to locate the nearest vehicle.

Image via Shariot.

As part of the company's launch promotion, Shariot will be offering S$100 additional credit, for every S$100 that is topped up to the Shariot wallet.

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Top image via Shariot.