S'pore rescue group finds over 40 cats in pest-infested home, including newborns & dead cats

The group is also appealing for donations for these rescued cats.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 27, 2020, 02:50 PM

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A local cat rescue group, going by the Instagram handle @callmebymewmew, recently came across an exceptional cat hoarding case in Singapore.

Owner lacks knowledge and resources to care for cats

The group wrote on Instagram that a cat owner here sought help from them as the number of cats living with her at home has gone out of control.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

The owner did not have sufficient knowledge to sterilise and rehome the cats and she also does not have the resources to do so.

The family is receiving social support and the owner recently lost her job due to Covid-19.

She has to support her visually impaired husband and a daughter who is now studying in primary school.

The post wrote:

"It is difficult for them to make ends meet, not to mention providing for their cats."

Unhygienic living conditions, pests & dead cat body parts found

When the cat rescue group visited the home, they found cats and kittens all over the house, living in unhygienic conditions.

The group's post on Instagram said:

"They live, sleep, pee and poo all within the in-built cabinets in the living room and kitchen which resulted in breeding area for pests.⁣"

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

They also found a mother cat which clearly just gave birth to a litter of kittens.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

There were also carcasses, which the group believes was the result of some cats being so hungry that they ended up eating the weaker ones in desperation.

The post said:

"The owner told us that there are dead body parts of the kitties and we believe that they are starving therefore the feral kitties will eat the other kitties to survive."

*Graphic warning*

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

How to help?

The rescue group is appealing to members of the public for donations to help them fund the sterilisation costs, basic health check-ups, medical fees and boarding fees for these cats.

They have also sought help from the Cat Welfare Society and the Animal & Veterinary Service.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

You can also contribute necessities, such as litter boxes and food, for both adult and newborn cats.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

However, the group could be overwhelmed at this point and so they might not be as responsive to messages.

via @callmebymewmew/Instagram.

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Top image via @callmebymewmew