Bat chomps on bananas at fruit display section outside Jurong East FairPrice store

Munch munch.

Ashley Tan | October 16, 2020, 02:58 PM

A curious video of a bat munching on some fruits has been circulating on social media.

What made the video, which has been posted to various Facebook pages, viral, was the fact that the bat was found on a NTUC FairPrice's fruit section.

Munching on bananas

In a clip posted to Facebook page All Singapore Stuff, a small bat can be seen clinging to a bunch of bananas hanging from the shelf.

It appears indifferent to the camera filming it, and continues munching on the fruit.

The mammal even seems to have chewed through the paper sticker label.

Text in the video stated that this peculiar sight took place at the FairPrice outlet at Jurong East.

One hour after it was posted, the video has already garnered over 700 shares.

While some Facebook users expressed shock at the sight of the animal, others sympathised with it and urged the cameraperson not to harm it.

Fruits have been moved indoors

In response to Mothership's queries, FairPrice confirmed that they are aware of the circulating video and that the incident did indeed occur at the 24-hour FairPrice store at 345 Jurong East St 31.

However, it did not occur inside the store, as netizens might have assumed from viewing the short clip.

Instead, the bat was found munching on the bananas at the fruit display located outside.

FairPrice stated that they have since moved all the fruits inside the store to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Checks have also been made to ensure any of the affected fruits have been discarded.

FairPrice said they are in contact with the authorities to look into the cause for the presence of bats in the area, and apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Likely a fruit bat

The bat sighted is likely a Lesser Dog-faced fruit bat, which is a common species of bat in Singapore.

In contrast to popular assumptions, it does not feed on blood, and as per its name, feeds mainly on fruits and nectar.

Although it is mainly nocturnal, it can sometimes be seen in the day.

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Top photo from All Singapore Stuff