'Someone abandoned their family member': Dog found beside trash bin with no food or water

SPCA has been contacted.

Siti Hawa | October 18, 2020, 11:18 AM

On Oct. 18, Elin Lim took to Facebook to share that an old dog had been found in a carrier beside a trash bin.

The dog was found in a dishevelled state.

Here are some photos:

Photo via Elin Lim on Facebook

The dog was found in a pink carrier with the word "lovepetpets" on it.

Photo via Elin Lim on Facebook

Photo via Elin Lim on Facebook


Photo via Elin Lim on Facebook

Photo via Elin Lim on Facebook

According to Lim, the dog was left inside the carrier without food and water. The dog also looked lost, stressed, had long nails and was "messy".

Lim added that the dog might be a poodle and was probably was not taken cared of by its previous owner.

She said:

"This morning someone abandoned their family member in a dog carrier. Left him beside the trash bin, inside the carrier without water and food.

The dog looks very lost, stressful, very messy, tongue out, nail very long. We can't even see his face clear, the ex-owner didn't take care well."

Lim also felt that the dog's previous owner should not have abandoned the dog and should have simply rehomed it if they are no longer able to care for it.

SPCA has been contacted

Lim said that SPCA has been contacted and said that they would look after the dog and find it a home "if he is healthy and not suffering".

Mothership has reached out to SPCA and Lim, and will update the article when we receive a response.

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Top photos via Elin Lim on Facebook