Tokyo hotel lets guests stay for free if they do a social media shoutout afterwards

What a deal.

Kayla Wong | September 06, 2020, 12:21 PM

A hotel in Tokyo is offering free stays in return for one social media post per guest.

The two-star hotel, called Hotel New Shohei, is just a three-minute walk from Yotsuya Station in Shinjuku.

Here's what it looks like on the outside:

Image via

Hotel interior

The hotel is equipped with 30 rooms in total, of which 26 rooms are for solo guests.

Image via Hotel New Shohei

Here's what the interior looks like:

Image via Hotel New Shohei

Image via Hotel New Shohei

Image via Hotel New Shohei

Free stays in return for a simple favour

According to SoraNews, in return for a free stay, guests simply have to write about their stay on their social media accounts, and attach a picture to their posts.

There are no limitations to the content and word count of the posts.

Posts can be uploaded even after their stay at the hotel is completed.

The free stay, however, is limited to single rooms, and offered to guests who are visiting on their own.

The deal is also only available during weekdays and not weekends.

When making their reservation over the phone, guests can simply mention the "free stay campaign".

Free beer and sashimi

In addition to having access to the hotel's "Deep Blue Lounge" where free coffee, fruit juice, and alcoholic drinks like wine are served, guests can even enjoy complimentary mackerel sashimi at the "Seafood Izakaya" on the hotel's ground floor.

Image via PR Times

Image via Hotel New Shohei

Would rather let guests experience the hotel than let it sit empty

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, business at the hotel has slumped as people are limiting their travel as much as possible.

There were even some days when the hotel had absolutely zero guests.

According to PR Times, the hotel thought that if the hotel was going to sit empty anyway, they might as well let more people know about the hotel and experience its charm.

The hotel also assures potential guests that they take absolute precautions in maintaining the safety of the hotel, including sanitising the rooms completely after each use.

Top image via Hotel New Shohei 

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