Famous Teochew Meat Puff to open permanent stall in Woodlands from Sep. 17, 2020

Gotta travel for the good stuff.

Mandy How | September 15, 2020, 12:52 AM

Famed Teochew meat puff stall, aptly named Teochew Meat Puff, will be opening a permanent stall at Woodlands Industrial Park E9 @ Wave 9.

Photo via Teochew Meat Puff/Facebook

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Teochew Meat Puff: one of my favourite snacks (when i get the chance to buy it) like, ever! Extra crispy crust stuffed with pork meat filling, it keeps you feeling like you've sinned, but it is the WORTH-IT kind of sin. It is so good, I love it. You'll have to Facebook them "Teochew Meat Puffs" as they do not have a fixed location and shop. The queue is always a mile long, especially at night. They operate in the Pasar Malams (night markets) that last about two weeks. It is really worth the wait! #igsg #meatpuff #teochewmeatpuff #savingkayaeats #myfavbreakfast #oyster #pork #vegetables #peanuts #crispy #pasarmalam #oystercakes #meatcakes #sinful #yum

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The brand announced the news on a Sep. 14 Facebook post.

Teochew Meat Puff will not be taking any pre-orders or online orders, as the premises has limited space, which does not allow them to cater to too many orders simultaneously.

Photo via Teochew Meat Puff/Facebook

Photo via Teochew Meat Puff/Facebook

While the initial post stated that they will not be doing any deliveries as well, a subsequent update informed customers that an unaffiliated third party named Pjx Cyprus has volunteered his delivery services.

For those who are heading down, Teochew Meat Puff has also stipulated that customers are not allowed to add on any orders after their first.

Those who wish to do so should join the back of the queue "to be fair to everyone".

There is no limit for orders, however.

If you're expecting a long wait, you can sit at the coffee shop instead of standing around, as a numbered receipt will be issued.

Pasar malam stall

Previously, Teochew Meat Puffs was a roving stall that could be found at pasar malams.

Prices ranged from S$1.80 to S$3.50 for a variety of flavours, including vegetable, prawn pork, to oyster pork.

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Cravings satisfied after queuing under a hot, humid weather and baby-carrying Ellie for 1.5hours with @meghantsp #teochewmeatpuff #cravingsatisfied

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Only found at roving Pasar Malam, this Teochew meat puff of theirs was da bomb. Tried and absolutely loved it. Generous amount of juicy meat wrapped in thin crispy fried batter. Portion was so big this could replace a meal for me. They offered a variety of seafood with the meat filling, but my favourite was the traditional oyster meat puff. Long queues were reportedly common when they are in operation though we were lucky to have skip any today at the Eunos Pasar Malam, before they officially opened at 1pm.

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Behold! This is what I woke up early and went to queue for! #traditional #teochew #oystercake, filled to the brim with a #wellseasoned, #shiitake, #seaweed, #fatty #porkmince, a handful of #chineseparsley and 2 #plump #oysters. Everything encased in a thin batter that's #crispy on the outside and soft inside. It's #stillsogood since I last had it 8 years ago! I'm full after one but I still feel like having #onemore! • #sgfoodie #perthfoodie #sgfoodblogger #perthfoodblogger #sgfood #streetfood #sgstreetfood #traditionalfood #teochewfood #teochewmeatpuff #oysters #localfood #sglocalfood #childhoodfavorite #childhoodfood #pasarmalamfood

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The stall was so popular that it would attract healthy queues, even in the afternoon heat.

Photo by Melanie Lim

Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #01-09 Wave 9, Singapore 757048

Tentative Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm

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Top image via @jojoteng on Instagram, Melanie Lim