Tampines will have a vertical vegetable farm on side of HDB flat

Tampines is one of the first few Eco Towns.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 29, 2020, 06:42 PM

Tampines is one of the up and coming new Eco-Towns in Singapore.

Following the announcement in March, the Tampines Town Council is rolling out some exciting green initiatives in the community.

Vertical vegetable farm at Blk 146

Some of the initiatives include having a vertical vegetable farm on the wall of an HDB flat in Tampines:

Artist illustration from Tampines Town Council.

This vertical farm will be installed on Blk 146 but the town council is looking at other blocks that can potentially house a vertical farm too.

Some vegetables that will be grown on this vertical farm include milk cabbage (Naibai), red spinach (Bayam), Kailan, and Choy Sum.

Turning food waste into fertilisers

Besides the HDB vertical farm, there will also have a food waste recycling facility at Tampines West and a Black Soldier fly facility at Tampines Park.

Residents from 1,100 households in the area can bring their leftovers or food waste from home to the facility.

via Tampines Town Council.

Black Soldier larvae can break down the food waste into fertilisers which will be used at the vertical vegetable farm.

The larvae will then be used to feed the Tilapia fish in the pond at Tampines Park.

Here's the graphic representation of how food waste can be put into good use in the community:

Image via Tampines Town Council.

Other green features in Eco Town

At Tampines, 50 low-energy "Eco Boards" will also be installed at the lift lobbies in the town to inform residents of their energy and water consumption pattern.

Here's what the board is expected to show:

Image via Tampines Town Council.

Displaying the energy usage in each block can help the town council manage resources more efficiently and the information can hopefully encourage residents to reduce wastage.

There are also Reverse Vending Machines that allow residents to obtain FairPrice discount coupons in exchange for the plastic bottles and cans that they recycle.

Photo by Tampines Town Council.

These green initiatives implemented at Tampines involved residents and community partners as volunteers.

Other towns can model after Tampines in implementing these green initiatives in the future.

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Top photos via Tampines Town Council and Otolith Enrichment/Facebook.