SMRT bus driver shelters boarding commuters with umbrella at every bus stop during downpour

Truly a good samaritan.

Ashley Tan | September 16, 2020, 06:26 PM

The good deeds of a conscientious SMRT bus driver were shared on social media recently by a commuter who witnessed it during her bus ride.

Held umbrella out for commuters

One Dini Hashim had been riding bus service 963 on Sep. 14 in the morning, and was seated on the upper deck with her friends.

The bus plies the route between Harbourfront Bus Terminal to Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange.

The rain had been pouring heavily on that day.

When the bus halted at a bus stop, Dini noticed a peculiar sight — a large blue umbrella bobbing at the entrance of the bus.

Gif from Dini Hashim / FB  

It was then that Dini realised that the bus driver would get up from his seat to hold an umbrella out for commuters boarding the bus.

The driver repeated this for every bus stop.

At one particular bus stop where the gap between the bus and the bus stop was a tad wider, the bus driver even stepped off the bus to shelter commuters.

Photo from Dini Hashim / FB

"Win-win situation"

Dini shared that after conversing with the bus driver upon reaching Woodlands Interchange, he revealed that this was something he had been doing for years.

The driver described it as "a win-win situation", as the passengers don't get wet, and the bus remains dry.

Photo from Dini Hashim / FB

In her post, Dini expressed her amazement at the driver's thoughtfulness, asking SMRT to acknowledge the driver's act of kindness.

You can view her full post here.

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Top photo from Dini Hashim / FB