S'porean actress Sheila Sim, 36, safely delivers baby girl named Layla Woo


Mandy How | September 22, 2020, 04:51 PM

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Sheila Sim has given birth to a baby girl on Sep. 22, 2020.

Sim, who is married to 39-year-old banker Deon Woo, announced on Instagram that Layla Woo was born weighing 2.86kg.

The first-time mother gushed over her child in the same post, writing that Layla's first cry was the "best sound" she's ever heard in her life.

"I love you. I loved you before we met. And I'll love you for the rest of my life."

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Layla Woo. 22 September 2020. 2.86kg. It's so surreal to hold you in my arms today, you little angel. Your first cry is the best sound I've ever heard in my life. It touched my heart like nothing else ever would. I love you. I loved you before we met. And I'll love you for the rest of my life. Thank you for choosing us. You're the best thing that happened to me. @deon.woo #sheilaloveherlife #wearethewoosim #babyWooLaLa #dwtakesthebestphotosofme

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Squeezing in dates and quality time for ourselves almost every weekday nights and weekends. Really appreciate the long weekends, even though we can't travel, i think we've spent it really well - sleeping in, chatting in bed, spending time w family, hiking, cafe hunting. Super cherish what's left of the days where it's just 2 of us. I will constantly remind myself that before becoming a mother, i was always his wife first. I want to remember that and i want to fulfill that. Today, we went to The Masses for lunch (Deon's been wanting to come here) and then took a short walk at Arab Street before the sun killed us. Lunch was absolutely delicious and satisfying! The Sourdough & Brioche was so divine with their homemade Umami Butter and Kaya! @Deon.woo is a bread and butter man. So the first dish already won his heart. We also ordered Pork Jowl Pithivier, French Onion Veloute for starters. His main, Marmite Chicken, my main, Artichoke Barigoule En Croute (My personal favourite. It was tangy and really appetising!) For dessert we had Chempedak Tartin and Fried Camembert (This is another Winner! I squealed when i took the first bite!) Everything we ordered 100% hit the spot! Btw, this is a non-sponsored post. I'm sharing because i really love the food, it was made with so much heart and love! We will definitely be back before long. #wearethewoosim #iloveus #sheilaloveherlife #31weeks #SSpregnancyjourney #happylife #happymarriage #marriedtomybestfriend #sheilalovestoeat #singapore #TheMasses #uniqloxmarimekko #samsunggalaxyfold

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Underwent surgery to remove womb fibroids

Previously, Sim told CNA Lifestyle that she had discovered fibroids in her womb in the process of trying to conceive.

The actress underwent surgery to remove the fibroids in August 2019, and successfully conceived within half a year.

In the posts leading up to her delivery, Sim thanked her husband for putting in his 100 per cent in taking care of her.

"With you by my side, it's really blissful. I'm very grateful that I married you in this lifetime," she wrote in Chinese.

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Thank you for being such a sweet husband throughout my pregnancy. I really appreciate and look forward to the nightly leg massages that you voluntarily do for me. It's done with so much love and heart! Some nights when it's getting too late, I'm worried that you'll be tired, but you'll still insist on massaging me, concern that I'll suffer from water retention the next day. Some nights, you massage me with half-closed eyes, but you still make sure that you put in your 100%. I am so blessed and fortunate to have married you. 有你,真的好幸福。我真的很感激这一辈子嫁了给你 @deon.woo #wearethewoosim #sheilaloveherlife #babyWooLaLa #SSpregnancyjourney #happylife #happymarriage #marriedtomybestfriend #marriedlife #gratitude #mothertobe #pregnantbelly #contentment #besthusbandever

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In another recent post, Sim apologised for the insensitive remarks she made towards pregnant friends before getting pregnant herself.

The actress candidly shared the "mindless" remarks that she made, and explained how it could have hurt the other party.

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Since I've gotten pregnant, i have apologized to a few friends for the insensitive remarks I've made when they were pregnant. These unintentional, harmless remarks, i realized can cause the pregnant mama unnecessary stress. I remember i used to make mindless comments like "Wow, you're pretty big/small for 7 months pregnant hor!", "I notice your nose is getting bigger, must be the pregnancy.", "Your pigmentations are more obvious now, must be hormones, but im sure it'll go away!", "Your hips are ready for birth!". Having experience pregnancy now, boy, did i realize how insensitive i was! Good intent, no doubt. But still insensitive. Women who's nv gone through it probably thinks that it's ok to make such comments bcos that's normal symptoms of pregnancy. But no woman, no matter pregnant or not, or in whatever stages in their life, finds its acceptable to feel ugly or fat, not even for awhile, not even if they know it'll get better eventually. Sometimes it's not just about the aesthetic. When people tell me how big or small my stomach is, i immediately think, 'oh no, is my baby too small? Am i not eating enough' or 'damn, i am too big for 7 months.' In another words, there's no right thing to say. Now i know, next time when you see a pregnant mama, just tell her how beautiful and glowy she is. Period. Or,(u can adopt this one), one of the nicest comment I've heard in my pregnancy was from @ojnjenine, "Your bump is damn chio." I still dont know how to differentiate a chio bump from a not chio bump, but it feels damn shiok to hear! Haha! Once again, i wanna apologise to friends whom i accidentally hurt with my comment when you were pregnant. I'm sorry! #sheilaloveherlife #SSpregnancyjourney #pregnancy #36weeks #pregnantstyle #ootd #babyWooLaLa #wearethewoosim

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The post was met with encouragement from fellow mums, who found themselves relating to the situation.

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