22-year-old woman missing for 3 days found unconscious in Bukit Batok Little Guilin

Little Guilin is approximately 20 minutes away from their home.

Tanya Ong | September 07, 2020, 04:34 PM

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A 22-year-old woman Yen Ling has been found after she was reported missing for three days.

According to a Facebook post on Sep. 5, an appeal for information regarding the missing woman's whereabouts was made by another woman.

The missing woman had not been seen since Sep. 3, around 9:30pm, and was last seen around Bukit Batok Little Guilin.

She had last texted her mother that she was on the way home that night, but never returned.

Found unconscious

In a Sep. 7 Lianhe Wanbao report, a member of the public had found the missing woman unconscious in Little Guilin.

Her body was covered by leaves, revealing only her feet.

Her face was found to be puffy, and abrasions were also observed on her arms and legs.

She was very weak when discovered, and was immediately sent to the hospital via an ambulance.

The woman's mother, known only as Cai, told the Chinese daily that she received a call from National University Hospital at around 10pm informing her of her daughter being warded.

Said she was going out for a walk

Earlier that day when their daughter had gone missing, her mother had shared in a previous Lianhe Zaobao interview that she was feeling unwell that night.

Her daughter and husband had accompanied her to the clinic. After that, her daughter said she was going out for a walk at around 8pm, but never returned.

Little Guilin is approximately 20 minutes away from their home, but according to Cai, her daughter rarely goes there.

It is not known if someone had arranged to meet her there, or taken her there.

The mother said she suspects her daughter had been in Little Guilin for the past three days, saying that she will wait for her daughter to regain consciousness before finding out what actually happened.

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Top photo va FB/Violet Hang Hang, Melody Hong/FB