S'porean photographer takes stunning photo of milky way above Sengkang

Starry night.

Mandy How | September 29, 2020, 04:27 PM

An image of the milky way above Sengkang has captured the attention of thousands on Facebook.

The photo was taken by local photographer Aloysius Low, who camped out at the location for three weeks before he managed to get the shots.

Photo by Aloysius Low/Facebook

Low said that he was hindered by bad luck with clouds, bright stadium lights, and even bats during the long-drawn process.

The photographer spent the "better part of three weeks" rushing to the spot whenever he spotted a break in the weather.

He also had to wait for the stadium lights to go off before he could take any photos.

To top it off, the bats apparently kept flying into the long exposure shots, leaving trails all over the sky.

On the day Low managed to get the shots (Sep. 8), he waited till stadium lights went off at 10pm to thankfully clear skies.

Not possible to see milky way with naked eye

As it is not possible to see the milky way with the naked eye due to light pollution, the final image is made with 20 images and blended into a standard exposed foreground, Low explained.

Some post-processing was also needed, by stacking the data from the 20 images.

Low also shared his work to reddit, where he revealed the technicalities behind the photo:

  • Camera: Sony A7iii
  • Lens: Samyang 14mm F2.8 20 shots stacked with Sequator, blended with original foreground
  • Shot at ISO800, F8.0 and 25s

The photographer then showed a raw image, as well as a screenshot of a stacked image:

Image by Aloysius Low

Image by Aloysius Low

You can view his Facebook post here:

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Top image via Aloysius Low/Facebook