Monkey steals napping M'sian man's iPhone, takes selfies & videos with it in jungle

Used to be 'Monkey snatches peach', these days, it's 'Monkey snatches iPhone'.

Belmont Lay | September 15, 2020, 03:13 PM

A Malaysian man discovered he lost his iPhone under the strangest of circumstances.

He went to take a nap one day and woke up later with his phone casing left under his bed with no iPhone in sight.

His house was not ransacked, there were no signs of burglary, and he could still call his phone.

The only logical conclusion?

It must have been stolen while he was sleeping by a very sneaky somone.

The perpetrator, as he soon found out, was a cheeky monkey.

This strange incident was related on Twitter by user @Zackrydz.

Incident related on Twitter

@Zackrydz wrote in his Twitter thread:

1st tweet: This isn't something you'll find in any century. I went to sleep yesterday morning, woke up in the afternoon and found that my phone was gone. Searched the whole house, and I eventually found my phone case under my bed. But my phone was still nowhere to be found.

2nd tweet: I thought a thief came into my house, but everything in my house were still there and still in order. There was no sign of a break-in too. And what kind of thief would steal a phone but leave the phone case under my bed? I tried using findmyiphone but was unsuccessful as my phone was offline.

@Zackrydz said he initially tried finding his phone using the remote location phone tracking app.

But it did not work as his phone was offline.

Located phone two days later

@Zackrydz called his phone for two days as he continued searching for it and was getting through.

When he went out to the jungle nearby, he heard a ring tone while calling his phone.

And that was when he found his phone back.

Photo gallery showed culprit: A monkey

What surprised him was the photos and videos he found in his phone's gallery, which showed the culprit -- and its photography skills.

@Zackrydz continued with his Sherlock Holmes tale: “I checked my phone’s gallery and found out my phone, was ‘stolen’ by a monkey.”

“I don’t know when there was a monkey living in my housing area but damn you monkey, you’ve made my life miserable for the past couple of days,” he wrote.

The monkey, it appeared, could use an iPhone, judging by the photos and videos it took of itself and some trees.

The victim of rural crime added that he tried to catch the ‘thief’ by luring it with another phone, but the perpetrator didn’t show up.

@Zackrydz wrote in one tweet: "THIS IS THE STUPID MONKEY"

And this was the tree the monkey climbed to get into the house.

As it turns out, Zackrydz wasn’t the only victim as the monkey had also stolen and broken two of his neighbours phone previously.

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All photos via @Zackrydz