Kind S'pore couple treats queuing strangers to ice cream, inspires neighbour to do the same

What a generous gesture.

Joshua Lee | September 25, 2020, 06:52 PM

It's really quite amazing what a small gesture — like paying for someone's ice cream — can inspire.

A Mothership reader named Valencia wrote to us about a very touching incident that has inspired them to pay it forward.

Valencia was at her fiancé's house at Tampines Street 45 when they heard the ice cream van downstairs. Her fiancé then went down to get an ice cream for them.

There was a queue and when Valencia's fiancé joined it, he noticed a Malay couple with a kid in front of him. They had ordered S$13 worth of ice cream, which they paid for with S$15 in cash.

"To [my fiancé's] surprise, this couple used their change and offered to pay for our ice cream order," Valencia wrote.

He politely refused but the couple insisted on paying for his ice cream. The fiancé later told Valencia that the couple does this "very often".

"According to the ice cream seller, this couple does this very often, offering to pay for random strangers who were queueing in front and behind them."

This "incredibly kind gesture" touched Valencia. She would also love to know their names so that she can thank them personally.

"The older folks say that younger Singaporeans no longer have the kampong spirit, but we have neighbours like these to change your perspective."

Valencia ended her email by encouraging readers to celebrate the kindness of those who put a smile on their neighbours' faces.

"We will be sure to pay this gesture forward the next time we buy an ice-cream from the mobile sellers too."

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Top photo of the "free + extra sweet ice-cream" courtesy of Valencia