S'porean lady drops her face mask, asks friends to help buy new one, receives horse head mask instead

Horsing around.

Ashley Tan | September 22, 2020, 05:10 PM

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One can always count on their friends to help them when in a pickle, but one Singaporean's friends certainly went above and beyond their call of duty.

New mask

Fatin Ameerah recently went out for supper at Haji Kadir at Tampines St 81 with two of her friends.

Unfortunately, she dropped her mask during her meal. Unable to leave the coffee shop and head anywhere else without donning a mask, she asked her two friends to help buy her a new mask.

Her friends soon returned with a new mask for her.

Sort of.

A video documenting Fatin's bewildered and subsequently mirthful laughter at receiving a latex horse head mask — to the background noise of her friends wheezing — was posted to Facebook, where it soon garnered over 1,200 shares in a day.

The horse head mask has been the source of numerous memes online.

Fatin told Mothership that she was "honestly not expecting it", which explains her reaction to the new gift.

Her friends had purchased it for S$19.90 from a nearby shop on the spur of the moment.

Although Fatin said her friends do not typically carry out such pranks, they can be "very playful".

She also quipped in the caption that with her new mask, she was "defs (definitely) protected now", and thanked her friends.

Wore it while grocery shopping

The mask didn't go to waste though. The 26-year-old proceeded to prance around the neighbourhood in it.

Gif from Fatin Ameerah / FB

She and her friends visited a Sheng Siong supermarket as well.

Gif from Fatin Ameerah / FB

Gif from Fatin Ameerah / FB

Gif from Fatin Ameerah / FB

Her antics with the horse head mask clearly amused some passers-by.

She added that the server at the coffee shop commented on how her ponytail looked like a horse's hair.

"A cashier was watching and laughing when I wore it while grocery shopping afterwards," Fatin noted.


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Top photo from Fatin Ameerah / FB